10 Indoor Activities for the Cozy Season

As much as I love that the chilly temps allows us to slow down and spend more of our day inside, it can also cause some stir craziness, especially with little ones!

I've compiled a list of 10 things to break up the monotony of our days inside. We still believe that outdoor time each day is incredibly important, but as the weather nears freezing that time outside is considerably shortened!

Read below for 10 ideas!

10 indoor activities for the cozy season | root + dwell
10 indoor activities for the cozy season | root + dwell
10 indoor activities for the cozy season | root + dwell
10 Indoor Activities for the Cozy Season | root + dwell

1. Have an indoor picnic.

Lay out a blanket near a window, fill up a basket with your favorite foods and enjoy!

2. Cocoa and a holiday movie.

Steam up a hot beverage, put on a holiday movie and cozy up!

3. Dance party.

Get that extra energy out with your favorite music and show off your dance moves!

4. Build a fort.

Nothing says cozy to us on a cold day like an indoor fort! We have an entire post dedicated to this if you'd like to give it a read.

5. Bake for yourself or someone else.

Make an old favorite or try a new recipe and enjoy it by the fire. Make extras to bring to a neighbor, friend or family!

6. Get Crafty

Just head to Pinterest for thousands of craft ideas! We love simple things like coloring, painting, stickers and our homemade play dough is a huge hit. Anchor plays with it almost every day and it keeps him entertained for quite a while.

7. Candles and connection

Light some candles, dim or turn off the lights and connect with your family. Play games, talk about favorite memories, share hopes and dreams, etc!

8. Cozy up with books.

In your fort, in bed, on the couch, anywhere that's comfy! Grab a pile of books and read, read, read :)

9. Sweat indoors.

Another way to get some energy out with your exercise of choice. I love doing yoga and get an extra workout with Anchor crawling all over me :)

10. Spend time in a different part of the house.

I know this sounds so simple, but it really helps to change up your scenery within your own home. Do crafts in your office or kitchen, play in a bedroom, have a "pool day" in a bubble bath, etc.

We hope these ideas are helpful the next time you feel like you're going crazy indoors! The winter is long here in New England, so we're always looking for ways to mix things up. What are some of your favorite indoor activities?