root + dwell

Welcome! Our goal here at root + dwell is to guide you in the ever evolving process of making every inch of your home a joy to be in, styled with thought and purpose. Put simply: to love and enjoy your home to the fullest. 

root: to establish deeply and firmly. dwell: to live in a specified place.

The blog:

A space to inspire, share ideas and create a sense of community. Our goal is to be a source of motivation for all to create a home they love and to enjoy the process. Check in for all things home— DIYs, decorating, renovations and tips and tricks. We encourage feedback and questions!

A little bit about us:

We're a family of three living in New England. We rented a condo for 5 years and a house for 1, and despite neither being a permanent location, have made both of those spaces feel like home. We just purchased our first house in 2018 and are doing small renovations and updates room by room.

Brooke has always lived a creative life and grew up with do it your selfer parents. She attributes this to her motivation to learn and make things by hand. She majored in graphic design in college and went on to work in that field until deciding to become a homemaker and mama. She realized how much she loves decorating the home and decided to pursue this passion. Brooke is currently working on becoming a Certified Decorating Professional so she can better offer her services to others. She fully enjoys making home an inviting place filled with personality.

Dan is in finance but loves working with his hands on the side. As a teenager he worked  at bike and snowboard shops and always enjoyed learning how to fix and build things. To this day he has a DIY mentality and loves building things for the home. He is taking on most of the home renovations himself, learning many tricks of the trade from Brooke's dad.

Anchor is our little guy who is growing up to love creative endeavors already! He is happily helping is mom and dad with light renovations ;)

Unless otherwise specified, all photos and text are our own. Please do not use our photos without credit/a link back as we work very hard to create original content. If a post is sponsored we will make it known. Some links in our posts may lead to products that if you purchase them we could make a small profit. We only sponsor and promote products/services that we truly believe in and use ourselves. Thank you so much for supporting us doing what we love and bringing you thoughtful content!